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But, for all the noise, anti-landmine work never received even one per cent of the money spent on the military and over the past few years, Canadian funding for anti-mine work has been in decline
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Sheiner ison par with previous estimates , lycopene is known as "gold" plants, is a potent antioxidant
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Second, the incidences of certain mental illnesses, particularly schizophrenia, are related to these losses of a parent in childhood (J
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Sure enough 6 months goes by the guy calls me and says I have to get a job and I asked how is the possible we were doing $xxxx.xx a week
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Remember we are responsible dog owners and parents if you did that in my yard than you would have to Kill Me2…Aloha Ke Akua…
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I have a key witness by the name of Hernan **, who lives out there.
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when I don't have a quarter million in student debt looming over me I'll consider acting on my seemingly
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