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The truth is, there is no such thing as a totally safe drug

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one of the pharma companies expected to be hardest hit by the impending ‘patent cliff’ of patent

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report – such as stricter ID requirements before dispensing drugs or a “good Samaritan”

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Hair follicle testing can detect drug usage as far back as 90 days, whereas a urine test only detects drugs in the past week or so

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The classic symptom is a great desire to urinate that cannot be suppressed

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kale and swiss chard even cancel out our Pad Thai from last night? Do we even like kale? Suddenly every

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” Johnson & Johnson was also heavily involved in the science surrounding Propulsid.

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White particulate matter in the nose is also not something to worry about.

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“It is killing our kids.”

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Centr prep plans what, it mean loosing a "headache" they weigh 100 million

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Prior to this role, Ryan served in Merchandising leadership positions in the Electronics and Cosmetics categories, as well as leading M&A efforts for Target’s pharmacy business

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btw..he did successfully change whisky drinking to beer…and he gets seriously drunk less often..and

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