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plus a “bizarre aversion”to sandwiches (but only when they’re in his lunchbox). I noticed
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"In the past, people with GAD were dismissed as hypochondriacs or simply excessive worriers," Ross says
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{that is|that's|which is} {close to|near to} my heart...{Cheers|Many thanks|Best wishes|Take care|Thank
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medical doctor who takes the time to conduct a thorough physical examination of someone exhibiting signs
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one 24/7 nanny for her kid) As part of the transaction, Supervalu also announced that Symphony Investors,
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Normaal laxeer ik altijd met phosphoral (te ranzig voor woorden, maar lijkt me nog altijd beter dan 4l iets minder vies spul) en met phosphoral ben ik ook altijd goed schoon.
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