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When I look back on this, that128;™s what128;™s going to make this very special.128;
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I read about the diabetic side effect and was getting very concerned as well as issues in my life that I needed to attend to just didn't seem to matter to me any more
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(land of Islam) from ”Dar-ul-Harb’ (land of non- believers) to bring it closer to the tenets
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In summary, we cannot live in an insulated bubble, shielded from the environment and the toxins that the modern world has put into it
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We are also negotiating with other planets outside our solar system and they will also be available shortly
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Perhaps the URL into a test case on the countertops of their restaurants? If so they can't be very happy with our eyes open, realizing we're not going to Canada - misc.
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He smiled as if it was some private joke only he himself could appreciate
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Yeah, I'll just say I'm located in India